Should a fisherman prefer smaller, more tranquil water, the Vermilion River has no equal. The Vermilion is a deep, slow moving, calm and tranquil fishery. Protected from the elements such as wind and white caps, it allows the fisherman to view a scenic wonderland while pursuing his favorite sport.

On your first visit to the river you will delight in exploring what’s around the next corner. Marvel at the beautiful scenery and the peaceful waters located between two rapids/waterfalls. You will delight in fishing large bays, such as Horseshoe bay. These bays are really lakes within the river, often having both inlets and outlets. Dozens of feeder streams and creeks flow into the Vermilion River. As any avid angler is aware, such mouths are often fish-filled as they supply running water. This moving water brings both food and oxygen into the Vermilion.

If peaceful, fish-filled waters are in your vacation plans or if you are an avid river fisherman, Gold Mine Resort is eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Undoubtedly one of the finest Smallmouth and Northern Pike fisheries in all of Minnesota, Gold Mine offers an ease of fishing unparalleled in the modern age. Walleyes, Crappies and other species are available, especially during key time periods.


The Vermilion River Fishery
Rated #1 Fishing River in Minnesota

The Minnesota DNR. has done two extensive research projects on the Vermilion River.  One was completed in the mid 1970s, and another one was completed in the mid 1990s.

The results were almost identical in both numbers of fish and available fish species.

This amazing fact – that the fishery has not change, – is indeed the most unusual.

Here is a fishery that will fish like the good old days, and has not been affected by man.  Surprising to most river fishermen, the Vermilion is home to all of the major game fish of Minnesota, including the “Big three” most prized species.


Undoubtedly the Vermilion’s most exciting fish, smallmouth bass are found in abundance, averaging two to three pounds, with an occasional trophy exceeding six pounds.

Most often caught around the mouths of feeder creeks – the faster water and pools associated with the rapids/waterfall area – smallmouths are readily caught on artificial baits, such as Mepps spinners, rooster tails, and other plastic lures.


The walleye is the most popular, as well as the tastiest of all game fish.  Like the smallmouth, walleyes are plentiful in the Vermilion river.  The average size is approximately three pounds, nearly three times larger than the state average.  Lunkers exceeding twelve pounds are caught annually.


This vicious predator is the most abundant of the big three game fish found in the Vermilion river.  It is found in every imaginable size range, including true trophies exceeding twenty pounds.  Numerous weed beds along Vermilions shore afford the serious angler excellent access to this species.  Artificial lures such as spinner baits, spoons and crank baits are the bait of choice.

Thus the Vermilion River offers anglers an excellent protected, calm and tranquil fishery.  It is a river not influence by man and has remained a constant producer for several decades.


The Vermilion River is undoubtedly the most scenic and wildlife rich area in all of the North Country!

Looking for a reasonable, inexpensive fishing trip?

Here is your opportunity to experience a wilderness fishing vacation at true budget rates!  For instance: six anglers, with their own boats and motors, in a three bedroom cabin would only cost each person $125.00 per week.

Gold Mine Camp enjoys a rare phenomena in the modern fast paced world.  Many of our clients have returned to this camp for 30-40 continuous years.  Why?  Three reasons are most often stated:

  1. The ease of fishing and the tremendous success many of these guests have enjoyed at Gold Mine.

  2. Peace and quiet, after enjoying the fishing, the Vermilion River’s unique beauty without interruption from other anglers is a rare delight.

  3. And finally, the amazing number of different species of birds and animals, on this remote wilderness river, allows for observing natures at its finest.